This is my entry into the “LOST TIME RISO ZINE” collaboration on Society6. Asked to interpret the theme of “lost time,” I let my mind free-associate.

I went to the idea of “lost time” associated with the alien abduction phenomenon. It has been defined as, “A period of time, from minutes to several days, in which a person cannot recall what happened.” I have explored a vision of the heartland here, a dead-of-night abduction.

The colors were originally selected for Risograph duplication and I like them a lot. RISO PRINTING IS AWESOME!!! I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with this. That said, I liked the piece and couldn’t resist exploring a secondary, non-riso color palette as well ::


Both are for sale as full-color prints. I will update if the zine includes the piece and that is for sale as well.

“X-FILES” fans unite. The truth is out there. I want to believe.